Manicures and Pedicures

Beautiful nails are not born, they are carefully cultivated.

No look is complete without well manicured and polished nails. From simple and natural nails to French, Gel and Gel polish manicures, we can make your hands look beautiful. Aside from giving you the ideal shape and color you desire, we can also add some nail art to vamp up your look.

Gel Manicures and Pedicures

Have you ever gotten a manicure and then reached for your keys and ruined it or had your nails chip before the festivities even began?

With Gel manicures and Gel polish, you will never again have chipped or smeared nails. Unlike a typical manicure where you have to wait hours for your nails to dry, Gel manicures dry quickly. Very safe LED light is used to cure the nails. They are completely dried by the time your manicure is over. We do Gel manicures, Gel Fills and Pink and Whites using OPI and Essie Gel polishes. Gel manicures stay fresh and last longer than a traditional manicure.

You can also match your toes and nails with our Gel pedicures. You you can have flawless, long lasting polish on your feet that last for 2 weeks. Say goodbye to chipped nails forever!


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